AFEJI is a non-profit organization who intervenes in the social, sanitary and medico-social sector that covers physical handicaps, intellectual disabilities, behavioral disorders, social and familial handicaps as well as psychological difficulties.



AFID Difference Foundation is a charitable organization, created on June 23, 2005, by the National Association of Families for the Integration of Persons with Disabilities – AFID (1985), which focuses on rehabilitation initiatives, education, training and integration of the occupational disabled.



AGE ACTION is the national non-governmental organization concerned with ageing and older people. It has nearly 4000 members and is the only Irish NGO working in the field of elder abuse. KMOP (GR) has 40 years of experience in the provision of services to disadvantaged groups.



Anziani e Non Solo is a non-profit organization working since 2004 in the field of social innovation, with a specific focus on management of projects and realization of services and products in the field of welfare and social inclusion.



Aproximar is a non-profit organization aiming to enhance organisations’ social and human capital as a strategy to build their capacity and take advantage of challenges and opportunities raised by the external conditions as a mean to build their sustainability.



ASSOC organization was set up to promote education and social assistance in the scope of improving the life conditions of the disadvantaged groups, through a social service providing structure capable to meeting the needs of the disadvantaged.


CASO50+ Centro de Atendimento e Serviços 050+

The CASO50+, Association is a non-profit organization, which has developed its activities in view of the promotion and prosecution of initiatives promoting health and well-being, active aging, and quality of life of older adults and the elderly people.



The Center for Promoting Lifelong Learning – is a Romanian NGO that works in Lifelong Learning since 2005. CPIP is committed to mainstreaming the principle of equal opportunities for all citizens in the public policies and associated practices, as an integral part of democratization and the creation of an open society, to re-define the status of community co-production in all areas related to lifelong learning.



The Learning prison is a non-profit organization that works with social innovation, social business (SEO) and projects development.



Eurocarers brings together 59 carers’ organisations as well as relevant research & development organisations from 27 countries – a unique combination that enables evidence-based advocacy. These organisations may function at the EU, national, sub-national or regional level.



FACE is a Public Utility Foundation created in 1993 by 15 corporate groups with the main objective to prevent and fight against any form of exclusion and discrimination. It works alongside French companies in a wide range of CSR topics, including social, environmental and business areas.



Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini (FGB) is a EU level think&do institution into labour market, social policies and local development domains.



FLUXPHERA results from the association of a group of consultants with more than 20 years of experience. It works in regional development, planning, entrepreneurship, training & learning.



HABILITAS Association was created in 2007 with the aim to contribute to the development of adult education. Habilitas delivers professional adult training and counselling services in social, psychological and educational projects and programs.



The Hand in Hand Foundation, as a direct service provider reaches people with disabilities and their families with its legal aid and information service, its anti-discrimination signaling system, its labour market mediation service, as well as financial or in-kind donations in the event of special needs.



Associação IBIS – Iniciativa Beira Inovação Social is a non-profit private entity constituted in 2015 with the objective of developing a common strategy in the area of social innovation in the region of NUT III Beiras and Serra da Estrela.


IPS_Innovative Prison Systems

IPS_Innovative Prison Systems is a boutique research and consulting firm specialized in the field of justice, penitentiary services, community sanctions and measures, juvenile justice, and law enforcement.



Merseyside Expanding Horizons Ltd (MEH) is an established voluntary and community sector organisation working in the field of social inclusion on Merseyside and is a key stakeholder and influential support body. MEH focus on Social Inclusion through partnership to deliver projects supporting disadvantaged individuals into employment, training and self-employment and social enterprise development through a wide range of informal learning methodologies.



Omnia, the Joint Authority of Education in Espoo Region is a multi-sector education provider that offers young and adult people upper secondary vocational education and training, apprenticeship training, general upper secondary education and youth workshop training as well as non-formal education courses.


ROSE 50+

ROSE 50+ is a network of organizations that looks after the interests of LGBTI elders and has the aim of improving the position of LGBTI elders in the area of care and welfare.