Please contribute with your best Social Innovation Practices. 

These will be analised and shared with the EaSI partners network.

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Good practice description form


Practice identification

Practice identification (name)

Goals and objectives of this best practice

Target group and beneficiaries of this practice

Who where the partners involved


Practice description

To which problem does this practice respond?

Which competences did you need to mobilize?
Which complementary contributions did you get from the different
partners involved?

How did you involve the target group and beneficiaries?

Which methodologies and instruments have been used?

Which obstacles did you find and how did you overcome them?

Could you identify the critical success factors?
Which ones did you think where the most important?


Results, added value and sustainability

Which results did you achieve?
What was the added value of this practice to the beneficiaries?

What has been the impact in the participating organizations?

Did it contribute to reinforce the competences of the partners involved?

What was the impact in terms of equal opportunities?

Did you find this practice sustainable over time?


Transfer and dissemination

Is this practice transferable to other countries and sectors?
Could it be implemented with different target groups and beneficiaries?

Which strategies would you recommend to involve key decision makers
in the dissemination process?

Which methodologies and instruments would you recommend to
insure the dissemination of this practice?


Contact details

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