There is a very well-established link between negative attitudes to people with disabilities and the barriers to their rights. People with disabilities and their families say that negative attitudes affect every area of their lives – starting from schools, continuing at work, in shops, and even on the street.

In the framework of the Awareness4Change project 6 organizations from 4 European countries (Germany, Portugal, Romania, and United Kingdom) are making a joint effort to respond to this situation by researching what civil society can do to improve attitudes towards disabled people and how can Human Resources departments of certain organizations be encouraged to have a more accepting stance on people with disabilities. Therefore, all partners want to fight the prejudice associated with disability and promote the knowledge about diversity, human rights, and inclusion.

The awareness campaign entitled Employ-Able people aims to raise awareness and highlight the professional skills of people with disabilities by presenting their work and, implicitly, their potential for the labour market. The campaign will reinforce the traits of the disabled persons which are important for the employers, meaning their professional skills and their soft skills (motivation, resilience, and flexibility), that in recent years became more and more valued.

The campaign will start in February 2021 and last until July 2021 and it will display every month two stories of persons with different disabilities who want to share some parts of their life – capabilities, hobbies, or work experiences.

During the implementation of the second intellectual output – Disabled people’s perceptions and experiences report on civil society’s attitudes towards disability and disabled people, all partners have conducted national focus-groups with people with disabilities and in this context, they got in connection with persons who accepted to make known a part of their life story.

We invite you all to follow the project social media accounts and website and get aware of people with disabilities stories, work, and capabilities.

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