Why to join EaSI



Membership is open to organizations that promote and develop social innovation in theirs communities and regions:

• Third sector organizations, membership bodies for non-profit, public and organizations;
• Training, development and capacity-building bodies;
• Individual non-profit or social economy organizations and social enterprises;


Why to become a EaSI member


As a member of EaSI’s network you can:

1. Have access on capacity building

Through EaSI’s network, members exchange information and experience and engage in initiatives of mutual interest;

Enlarge your knowledge on other social innovation experiences in Europe;

Specialized consulting and advice on how to deal with challenging social issues your community is facing;

European recognition for engaging in social innovation in your community.


2. Have access on information

EaSI provides regular information on relevant topics and helps its members to be better informed about different funding opportunities at EU level, important steps in writing a project, importance of the dissemination strategy, how to get involved in development of social innovation sector.


3. Develop partnerships

EaSI supports its members to cooperate and share perspectives, methods of work and to become partners in several projects;

Opportunities to contribute and to be involved in EU research & innovation funded projects;


4. Access dissemination opportunities

EaSI can disseminate information about its members projects and events on social media pages and EaSI’s website;


5. Benefit from support on project development

EaSI can support its members on signaling important documents, development of project proposals, research services, advice and guidance on project disseminations;


6. Lobby and Advocacy


7. Events

For further information about EaSI, please contact us.

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