Promoting a Career in the Third Age

Project description

The mission of SILVER project is to provide tools and learning resources for age-friendly workplaces for all sectors. The SILVER project aims to create a coordinated response for the promotion of a career in the third age, that addresses a two-fold ambition: on the one side, managers, HR, and other interested professionals are given awareness, strategies and learning tools to a structured way to contribute to career extension or preparation of retirement, enhancing their readiness to support older workers; on another side, older workers themselves are aware of the challenges of ageing and empowered for active ageing within the workplace, either to keep working for longer or to support a smooth transition to retirement.

SILVER specific objectives are to:

  • Identify promising practices & work methodologies on active aging in the workplace, by sounding old people themselves and HR departments
  • Raise awareness on organisations from different sectors (public, private, non-profit) about their practices & initiatives towards an age-friendly workplace and the improvements needed
  • Promote self-awareness on older workers about their sense of preparation and acceptance for retirement
  • Create an active learning programme, which responds to the needs of organisations and their HR staff in implementing an age-friendly workplace
  • Design and develop a toolbox to promote a career in the third age for older workers, within organisations from different sectors (public, private, non-profit), based on previous findings.

Intellectual Outputs

  • IO1: Examining the field by inspiring practices and storytelling: a collection of desk and field-based-research with 35 inspiring practices, 50 stories of retired older people, and 35 interviews of managers and HR, to analyse the perspective of end-users, make awareness on the topic and provide recommendations
  • IO2: Self-assessment Tool on Active Ageing in the Workplace delivered online, on 2 sides: a) awareness of organisations and their use of active ageing policies in the workplace, their preparation for retirement both for their older workers and for their teams; b) consciousness of older workers on their acceptance and preparedness for retirement
  • IO3: Ageing, working and living – New training workplace for the valorisation of third age workers: development of a training course for 112 managers and HR staff.
  • IO4: Toolbox to promote a career in the third age: the use of design thinking to create a model of psychoeducational intervention with 21 tools and tested with 35 older workers engaged in workshops delivered by partners.

SILVER seeks for more age-friendly workplaces and more older workers with increased job satisfaction, raising awareness on employers and employees and increasing the ability of managers and HR staff to implement tailor-made measures.


Merseyside Expanding Horizons, UK


Aproximar, Portugal

KMOP, Greece

European Association for Social Innovation, Romania

en3karriere, Denmark

CIK – Center Za Izobraževanje in Kulturo Trebnje, Slovenia

AFEJI, France


1/09/2020 – 31/08/2023 (36 months)

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