Social entrepreneurship


“The social economy and social enterprises represent a fundamentally new way of doing business and, as such, they have the potential to profoundly transform the socio-economic landscape.

New trends in recent years have seen the emergence of a collaborative, circular economy, which in turn has created opportunities for the expansion of social enterprise in Europe. The social economy and social enterprises are playing an increasingly prominent role, which has been largely due to their ability to address some of the major challenges currently facing Europe, in particular, the need to foster sustainable and socially-inclusive economic growth and create jobs.

At the same time, they address more targeted objectives, such as the refugee crisis, environmental degradation and the need to promote greater gender equality.

With the aim of contributing to the common good, the social economy and social enterprises offer specific tools that can be used to tackle important social challenges. Moreover, they can contribute to reducing the social divide and accelerating social innovation while pursuing their overarching objective of providing a service to society.”

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