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Technology and digital innovation

Digital Social Innovation is a proven field. The development of open data infrastructures, knowledge co-creation platforms, wireless sensor networks, decentralized social networking, free software and open hardware, can potentially create the condition to raise awareness and spur collective actions.

Tehnology and digital innovation

Technology and digital innovation

A growing movement of innovators in civil society, tech and social entrepreneurs are now developing inspiring digital solutions for a variety of social issues in areas such as health, democracy, consumption, money, transparency, and education. This is called Digital Social Innovation.

Digital Social Innovation is: “a type of collaborative innovation in which innovators, users and communities collaborate using digital technologies to co-create knowledge and solutions for a wide range of social needs and at a scale that was unimaginable before the rise of the Internet”.

Today the growth of digital services has resulted in an imbalance between the dramatic scale and reach of commercial Internet models and the relative weakness of collaborative alternatives, mainly filling marginal niches and unable to gather a critical mass of users and exploit the network effect. However, the DSI communities play a key role to enable grassroots innovation that leverage the power of the Internet. That’s why the European Commission is creating new research programmes, funding instruments and policies to support grassroots social innovators and encourage citizens participation within the framework of the Digital Agenda for Europe, in particular, the CAPS call in Horizons 2020 and the CHEST project providing seed funding for DSI.


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