A Mentoring Project to Raise Motivated Migrants

Project description

The RISING project wants to integrate the motivational benefits of mentoring into the training and educational curriculum offered to migrants. RISING will seek to provide a set of tools, complementary to projects already being carried out, in order to help mentors fulfilling their roles and to provide additional support for mentoring providers.

The objectives of the project include:

  • Raised awareness on the importance of motivation for migrants to adhere to further education
  • Increased number of mentees interested in entering mentoring programs
  • Improved skills on mentors for migrants, especially on pushing migrants to action
  • Better prepared mentors by putting at their disposal a handbook of resources for mentoring sessions
  • Increased levels of motivation and proactivity among migrant mentees;
  • Improved relationships between mentors and mentees, by a better understanding of what is expected from both roles
  • Better equipped mentoring providers and practitioners, able to provide robust data and evidence-based mentoring, making use of the toolkit for process management
  • Improved skills among partners’ staff and volunteers, enabling them to provide alternative support to migrants and/or their mentors

Expected results of the project

IO1: ​Handbook on mentoring for social and cultural integration of migrants 

The aim of this output is to provide a pack of materials from which mentors can choose and help them in delivering mentoring addressing specifically to the mentees’ goals and needs.​ It will focus on creating tools (e.g. exercises, games and others) as a pack of resources to be used by mentors when working with mentees, in order to stimulate motivation and engagement. To achieve successful mentoring, an open consultation process will take place to understand how migrants feel about their integration.

IO2: Interactive tools for mentee’s uptake

This output will explain mentoring through interactive means – instead of words – thus overcoming language barriers. It will makes use of multimedia interactive resources in order to make the process more attractive for the mentees. The focus will not be on communication channels but rather on the contents that should develop the mentoring process and motivate the mentees to become continuously involved.

IO3: Toolkit for mentoring impact 

The third output will achieve the development of interactive tools for which storyboards shall be created. Piloting will also be a major part of this output, as the partners will make use of the tools in order to promote the mentoring process. Additionally, info sheets will be developed in order to assess which tools work best. Finally, based on post-use assessments, a guide will be created for further use of the tools. 



​Stowarzyszenie Interwencji Prawnej – SIP, Poland


KMOP-Social action and innovation Centre, Greece

​San Giuseppe Onlus, Italy

Aproximar, Cooperativa de Solidariedade Social, CRL, Portugal

European Association for Social Innovation – EaSI, Romania

Kadin ve Genc Girisim Merkezi Dernegi – Woman and Young Entrepreneurship Centre Association, Turkey


1/11/2020 – 30/04/2023 (30 months)

More information at: https://www.rising-project.org/

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