Raising awareness on the phenomenon of mobbing against migrant workers, and enhancing intervention methods for managers, HR professionals, and other workers

Project description 

The project aims to help tackle cultural stereotypes by providing a comprehensive understanding of the phenomenon and consequences of mobbing, contribute to creating a healthy work environment for migrant employees and promote diversity.
The Talk2Me project wishes to obtain a change in the culture of the labor market by supporting the workers, through making them aware of their rights and offering managers and employees the proper knowledge and tools to identify and address the mobbing situations.

Project objectives

To identify within organisations the risks of mobbing exposure, how and in which ways mobbing affects migrant workers.

To launch an awareness campaign in each country & through a European network to increase awareness of the dangers of mobbing.

To create a curriculum focused on developing specific competencies to answer mobbing actions addressed to managers and HR departments.

To deliver an awareness training for migrant workers so they can be prepared to identify mobbing incidents and receive the necessary tools and support to act, according to their rights.

To contribute to the creation of a healthy work environment and to promote inclusion and diversity.

Project results 

The Talk2Me project will deliver the following results in its 36 month duration: 

An analysis of the current situation of mobbing against migrant workers and self-evaluation over practices, policies, and actions in the organizational environment regarding mobbing.

A dynamic learning programme for companies’ management and HR to address mobbing at work and foster workplace inclusion.

A guide for promoting diversity and managing the cases of mobbing.

Raise awareness and build support opportunities for the migrant workers.

All project results will be delivered in partners’ languages.


Arabisch Deutsches Center für Dialog – Project Coordinator, Germany


Magnetar, Cyprus

San Giuseppe Onlus, Italy

Aproximar, Portugal

European Association for Social Innovation, Romania

Kadin ve Genc Girism Merkezi Dernegi – Woman and Young Entrepreneurship Centre Association, Turkey


1/10/2022 – 30/09/2025 (36 months)

For more information visit the project Facebook page and the project website.