Strengthening youth entrepreneurship and innovation capital for the circular economy 

Project description 

The percentage of youth unemployment is exacerbated due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the unemployment is expected to soar, while young people have already been one of the most vulnerable groups emerging from the years of economic crisis and austerity (Eurofound). Projections on the full impact of COVID on youth in Europe is very dismal.  

The SYnC project sits at the intersection of these European realities and aims to develop an non-formal educational framework to introduce young people and youth workers to the circular economy and to unleash the innovation potential of the former. 

The specific objectives of the project are: 

  • To educate and raise awareness of youth, in particular those with fewer opportunities, on the key concepts of sustainability and circular economy with a view to strengthening their entrepreneurial opportunities.
  • Build the capacity of youth organisations to be able to inform and guide youth towards a circular economy and to explore their entrepreneurship and innovation potential.
  • Reinvigorate cross-national and cross-sectoral knowledge transfer to build momentum towards promoting youth entrepreneurship in circular economy. 

Project results 

The SYnC project in its 24 month duration will deliver the following results: 

  • R1 – How to? Toolkit for youth and circular economy entrepreneurship.
  • R2 The Guidebook for raising awareness and building the capacity of youth workers.
  • R3 Non-formal online course and platform for circular economy entrepreneurship; the SYnC online course and educational platform for introducing youth to circular economy entrepreneurship and piloted in the four (4) countries with the participation of 80 young persons in total. 
  • R4 2 Reports covering the lessons learnt and forward-looking educational strategies.

All project results will be delivered in 5 languages.


KMOP – Education and Innovation Hub, Greece 


Amazing Youth, Greece  

INOVA+ – Innovation Services, Portugal 

European Association for Social Innovation, Romania 




30/05/2022 – 29/05/2024 (24 months) 

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