Social Enterprises Sustainability Network

Project description

SENSENET project is focused on creating a learning network model to support SEEs (Social Economy Enterprises) and SEOs (Social Economy Organizations) managers and human resources who face challenges in dealing with the recruitment, welcome and retention of vulnerable people, in particular people with disabilities. The project will specifically aim to raise awareness on social economy and its importance as an engine of social innovation.

On the other hand, the SENSENET project will collect data and information on diversity management in social economy in different European countries, and exchange of good practices, defining the performance and terms of social innovation and cohesion. Moreover, this project addresses SEEs and SEOs capacity building by combining key technical domains (human resources, marketing, negotiation) with innovative management approaches (entrepreneurship, social innovation, mentoring) using formal and non-formal learning methodologies.

Expected outcomes of SENSENET project

Evidence review on best practices to assess SEO’s needs and existing learning programmes

The first intellectual output will consist in an in-depth research at the national and European level on existing best practices to support micro, small or medium social economy enterprises and organizations. The results of the research will be used to improve the quality of the next outputs that will be developed, ensuring their sustainability and innovativeness.

SEO’s Performance Assessment Tool

The second intellectual output consist in a performance assessment tool, that includes an analysis of managers and human resources learning needs, and a description of the methodology. All of these will be useful for the SEO’s, to improve their recruitment and management performance. This two objectives will be achieved through an online questionnaire used to assess the learning needs of the person filling it in and providing automatically recommendations based on the results.

SEO’s Managers and Human Resources Learning Programme

This output represent a learning program which will be based on the outputs previously created, in special on the information collected through the SEO’s performance assessment tool. During this intellectual output, the partnership will create a – Learning Management System (LMS).

SEO’s Learning Network Model

The final intellectual output will provide clear insights, tips and one structure to support SEO’s in implementing learning paths. A Learning Network Method will be developed and will also include a coaching model to support SEO’s managers and human resources. During this output, a specific guide will be created and will include: guidelines to coaching, coaching process, case studies, findings and recommendations.


FACE – Fondation Agir Contre l’Exclusion, France


Aproximar, Portugal
Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini , Italy
Center for Promoting Lifelong Learning, Romania
Det Lærende Fængsel, Denmark
Iniciativa Beira Inovação Social, Portugal
European Association for Social Innovation, Romania


01/09/2017 – 31/08/2020 (36 months)

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