Creating positive attitudes and behaviors 

Project description

Mentor+ focuses on designing an intervention of non-formal education, offering the mentoring methodology to engage, connect and empower young people in conflict with the law. ​The ​main goal of the project is to upscale already existing mentoring programmes and develop a Mentoring Programme targeting juvenile offenders, through the use of digital means. Mentor+ is also focused on digitalisation. 

Mentor+ objectives

  • Design & pilot a mentoring programme for justice-involved youth in order to avoid their incarceration/ institutionalization.
  • Create a Handbook for the mentors to support them in mentoring justice-involved Youth 
  • Create and pilot a mobile application to support mentors and mentees in real time
  • Support more than 60 juveniles at risk of deviant behaviour/ in conflict with the law to reintegrate into society and have a life without crime, by offering them the opportunity to contact with a role model (peer mentor)
  • Create opportunities for transnational cooperation and exchange of practices between professionals and volunteers working in the juvenile justice system.
  • Establish a community of practices within the partnership and beyond it to support the project implementation, strategic evaluation, and dissemination.

Expected outcomes of the project

The project foresees the following results:

  • A Mentoring Programme for justice-involved Youth 
  • A Mentors’ Handbook for mentoring justice-involved Youth 
  • A mobile application to support the mentoring programme 


Beyond the Horizon International Strategic Studies Group, Belgium


​​Amadora Inovation, Portugal

Aproximar, Portugal

Athens Lifelong Learning Institute, Greece

De Touter, Belgium

European Association for Social Innovation, Romania

I&F Education and Development, Ireland

Asociatia Vis Juventum, Romania

​​San Giuseppe Onlus, Italy


01-03-2022 – 01-03-2025

Project website:

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