Supporting the development of a transnational thematic tourism strategy

Project Description

ESCCAPE2 involves rural regions of European countries, territories with a lower level of productivity and employment but rich in landscapes and heritage. The objective of the project is to develop a common STRATEGY of participating countries to make an effective impact on local communities and the economy and encourage the transnational cooperation and networking of all actors with local /regional and national authorities with competencies in tourism.

Project activities are set to reach the objectives and the main results and expected outcomes and will involve actors that often have no access to knowledge and information and lack the capacity to ensure the viability of their natural and cultural heritage and need to be strongly informed, trained and supported to plan and adopted an innovative tourism strategy where they can play an important role. They are: country houses, holidays farms with or without restaurants (local gastronomy and typical products), restaurants, cellars, stores of local and biological products and farm holidays with local products for sale (km 0 products), chefs, farming, and other primary producers, handcrafts shops and artisan businesses, tourism services and shops, operators organising open local tours, etc

Expected results of the project

  • At a national level, the project will facilitate the creation of actors/stakeholders/policy-makers networks through the participation in ESCAPE2 local events (dissemination events/local seminars), and it will transfer to these networks all relevant knowledge about rural tourism marketing strategies in synergy with national/local tourism strategies.
  • At a cross-border level, we will adopt a common transferable methodology-innovative/integrated strategy for sustainable exploitation of cultural/natural/historical resources as economic assets, to create a Cross-Border Network on High-Quality Tourism Rural Development.
  • In one year, we want to map the main stakeholders, realize updated market research and share all the best practices referred to rural tourism.
  • The project will develop contents and curricula based on the results of mapping and matching and will test and pilot the training for 3 months by organizing online courses delivered through the project platform.


Consorci de la Ribera, Spain


Meridaunia, Italy

Momentum Marketing Services, Ireland

New Edu n.o, Slovakia

Agritour LTD, Bulgaria

Aproximar, Portugal

European Association for Social Innovation, Romania

Athens Lifelong Institute, Greece

Kadin ve Genc Girism Merkezi Dernegi – Woman and Young Entrepreneurship Centre Association, Turkey


1/09/2020 – 31/08/2023 (36 months)

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