European Alliance to develop disadvantaged groups soft skills

Project description 

The general objective of the SHAREN(E)ET project is to help disadvantaged groups (NEETs, migrants) to become successful participants in the community, by developing their networking skills and by using the links they have created for better inclusion.

Networking is a key and fundamental skill to job finding and retention, or to generate opportunities that benefit inclusion – considering that the workplace is key to social inclusion and personal wellbeing.

SHAREN(E)ET was designed to develop innovative results and use innovative practices and good practices that are adaptable to young adults, to create opportunities for self-development and empowerment on the labor market.

The objectives of the project are:

  • To enhance networking and related skills, identified as critical in the 21st-century economy in disadvantaged young adults (especially NEET) and adults.
  • To identify existent open-source networking self-assessment tools and designs that are suitable to disadvantaged persons.
  • To develop a tool that analyses and issues learning paths proposals for networking and related skills enhancement in disadvantaged persons and practitioners.
  • To generate a set of learning paths to train the trainers (practitioners) in providing the most effective support to trainees (disadvantaged persons)
  • To create a development guide for networking and related skills, providing to practitioners a set of guidelines, resources, and tools to apply when working with disadvantaged persons
  • To create a Catalogue of Successful Case Studies in “Building Human capital to sustain social inclusion and employment”.

Project results 

The SHAREN(E)ET project will deliver the following results in its 36 month duration: 

  • R1 – Networking Self-assessment tool for disadvantaged person skills
  • R2 – Personal inclusion and employability paths tailoring tool
  • R3 – Learning resources catalogue
  • R4 – Guide for Social Capital and Employment Opportunities Development

All project results will be delivered in partners’ languages.


Social Impact Development Centre – Project Coordinator, Luxembourg


Aproximar, Portugal

Gencleri Gelecege Hazirlama Ve Issizlikle Mucadele Dernegi (Gehim-Der), Turkey

European Association for Social Innovation, Romania

Magnetar, Cyprus

San Giuseppe Onlus, Italy


01/09/2020 – 31/08/2023 (36 months)

Project website:

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