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2015 European Social Innovation Competition

The 2015 European Social Innovation Competition closed on 8 May. A total of 1 408 ideas were received. The three prizes of €50,000 will be awarded in November 2015. Seeking new ways to growThe EU requires growth that sustains not only financial value, but also social progress for citizens, government and enterprises alike. However, current models of growth are no longer deemed fit for a society where scarcity is the new reality and where too many people are left behind. New collaborations and alternative ways to grow are needed for sustainable value and an inclusive society, in Europe today. Watch the promotional video: Based around the theme 'New Ways to Grow' the competition aims to support individuals and organisations with entrepreneurial, game changing ideas for social innovation projects. Competition DetailsThe Competition launched on 23 March in Gdansk, Poland.The Competition… + Read More

10 Social Innovation Projects To Tackle Unemployment In Europe

By Federico Guerrini A couple of days ago, the European Commission chose the ten finalists of the second Social Innovation Competition, a contest launched last year in memory of Portuguese computer scientist and politician Diogo Vasconcelos. The contest was set up to encourage and reward social innovations that have a real impact on helping… + Read More

What is social innovation and why is it good for business?

Social innovation is one of the fastest growing trends in Europe. Its founded on the idea that social needs can be met while creating competitiveness at the same time.Business Planet went to Verona in Italy to find out more. We met visit a young garment business taking a socially conscious approach to its work. The clothes it sells were created… + Read More