We are thrilled to announce the successful completion of the Silver Initiative, a collaborative effort spanning 36 months with 7 partner organizations from across Europe. Together, we have diligently designed, tested and delivered a range of impactful and practical solutions that contribute to the creation of age-friendly workplaces for all sectors.

Why Silver?

The Silver programme is a response to the increasing need of companies and employers to tackle the constant rise of labour force participation by older people, by ensuring age friendly work environments and smooth processes towards retirement.

The Silver solution is a coordinated response for the promotion of a career in the silver age, that addressed a two-fold ambition:

  • from one side, managers, HR and other interested professionals became aware and were given strategies and learning tools to a structured way to contribute to career extension or preparation for retirement, enhancing their readiness to support older workers.
  • from another side, older workers themselves became more aware of the challenges brought by ageing and were empowered towards an active ageing process within the workplace, either to keep working for longer or to be supported in a smooth transition to retirement.

The Silver Resources

During the Silver project there were delivered 4 main resources, which form a learning pathway for responding to the needs of older adults aiming to contribute to the creation of an inclusive workplace, increase the integration of older adults into the work environment and assure an easy transition to retirement.

One catalogue of inspiring practices – Based on sessions of discussions with seniors and managers or HR professionals, organized by each partner, we collected existing practices about supporting a smooth transition to an active retirement.

An online self-assessment tool for active ageing in the workplace – This tool helps both categories to check their internal practices or readiness regarding the transition to retirement.

The “Ageing, Working And Living” Training Program – a training program designed to increase their institutional practices for supporting a smooth transition to retirement.

A toolkit to promote a career in the third age – Addressed to managers, HR departments, trainers, who desire to include visual materials with practices, exercises, interactive resources to promote a career for seniors and a smooth transition to retirement.

Tiago Leitão – EaSI General Manager

Promoting Active Ageing Within the Workplace and the Local community Conference

The final conference of the project was held on July 12, in Bucharest, and it gathered local and European participants, namely HR professionals, managers, experts in the field of D&I, social services and more.

The event was structured in two main sessions, a first one which took the shape of an expert discussion panel in which topics like active ageing, D&I, legislation, labour market trends were touched upon. Our guest speakers shared their valuable knowledge and insights enhancing our understanding of active ageing, offering not only inspirational stories but also practical strategies. They were Daniela Palade Teodorescu, Ambassador of the Diversity Charter in Romania, Alina Anghel, Co-founder@Lumea D&I & Angajez 45+ and Joana Silva Aroso, Lawyer and Author focused on the theme of longevity. In addition, a subsequent panel of discussion took place, where the Silver partners discussed the main data, findings and challenges tackled by the Silver project.

During the second part of the day, the attention shifted towards the subject of active ageing within the community, through the perspective of the Next Door programme. The participants were engaged in dynamic activities and thoughtful discussions, sharing insights and experiences to empower individuals, professionals, and communities to help senior adults lead better lives. With a focus on fostering inclusivity and mutual help, we explored innovative approaches, programs, and initiatives that promote social connectivity, and meaningful engagement. We were also joined by Mariana Oancea, our guest expert in social services and Coordinator of the SeniorNet Federation.

Benefitting from such an eclectic audience and a rich exchange of ideas, the conference was a great success, establishing a strong network of professionals and members of the general public, and ensuring the continuation and the sustainability of the Silver developed resources in the upcoming years.

Learn more about the Silver and Next Door initiatives by exploring their dedicated websites:

Silver – Promoting a career in the third age

Next Door – Fostering neighbourhood participation to protect and care for elderly citizens


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