The European Association for Social Innovation is delighted to invite you to be their guest to the GRACE Conference | Equipping the creative and cultural microbusinesses with digital competencies, which will take place on February 15th, in Brussels.

The day will start with an incursion into the fields of technology and digitalization, through the Grace Initiative project and a presentation of a Promising practice from our associate partner, Meridaunia, followed by a delicious lunch, offered by us.

The second part of the day will take you on an innovative journey for finer tastes – a chance to discuss and connect with experts, innovators and changemakers across Europe, to come together and generate real and lasting change towards social good.

To attend the event, please register on by 10th of February.

Venue location: Puglia Region Brussels Office | Rue du Trône 62 1050 Brussels

For any questions or queries, please contact:


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